Accessories To Use At Work – What To Use And How To Combine

When it comes to work, we always care about highlighting our skills and professionalism, after all, it is through these characteristics that we need and want to be recognized.

With that in mind, what would be the best accessories to use at work? A lot of people think they know how to answer that question, but they end up making some mistakes that put their personal image at risk.

Today,  Braceletworld  will introduce you to some tips that will help you to choose and match the right accessories for the professional environment. Follow us!

Comfort and formality

The first rule that we can follow to hit the right time to choose our accessories is to combine comfort with formality. We spend most of the time within that environment, so comfort needs to be a priority.

Parts that are too large or too long, and do not match the corporate environment, can get in the way of day-to-day activities such as typing, picking up objects, or answering phones.

Then, when choosing the piece of the day , consider whether it is not too big, too heavy or too long. Put on the scale the level of comfort it is able to provide you with in the activities you usually perform, and then build looks that are compatible with your job duties.

Level of formality

Some professions require more formality than others, especially at the time of dressing. There are extremely strict companies, while others invest in a relaxed and stripped-down environment.

The rules change somewhat in each case, since the less formal  Bracelets is more flexible. In general, the ideal is to maintain elegance, after all, even with certain peculiarities, we are dealing with our profession and we must pass credibility and commitment.

Accessories in formal environments

Formal environments require sobriety and discretion. We get this effect with small parts such as earrings and minimalist rings, but that does not mean you can not choose a larger accessory.

If you like pieces that attract more attention, you can use a natural stone of medium size in a color that harmonizes with the rest of the look. Another option is to use thin chains with a slightly larger pendant.

Never use all the pieces of a set at once, however beautiful it may be. The ideal is to combine two pieces, such as an earring and necklace, or earrings and rings.

Another point you need to be aware of is the noise the pieces make. Bracelets with many trinkets, for example, tend to make noise with every movement and this is not a positive thing in this type of environment.

Accessories in informal environments

Here we have more flexibility and options, since we can explore more our personal taste. Even so, be sure to take comfort into consideration, right?

The accessories help give personality to the look depending on the type of function it performs, especially for those who work with creativity, such as fashion, design and advertising.

This will depend on both your profession and company policy, but you can follow the trends in that case as long as you keep your sense.

Avoid maxi accessories with many details on stones, as they match more with the night. Do not use too many pieces at one time to draw attention away from you and avoid too vibrant colors, especially when they do not talk to you.

See how easy it is to choose your accessories to use at work? At first it may be that you are insecure when choosing between one piece and another, but over time it is easier to draw a profile and you will have a parameter whenever you need.

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