Afro-house Boss Jack Rooster Drops His Debut Album

Multi-talented Producer, DJ and Radio host Jack Rooster dropped his debut album this past weekend. Roster is a pioneer and a maestro in the Afro-House movement in Kenya, with over 10 years experience at it.

Rooster’s debut album is called ‘Nyumba’ meaning house – and he happens to be a House Music connoisseur, hence the title. Nyumba has 11 tracks in it, with over 5 years of production work. Jack is signed to Decimal Records where he got the platform to accelerate the process of production.

Wamlambez’ was the first single out a few weeks earlier that featured BonEye, and the Decimators. Other jams like Sports CarAfrica DiscoComplicatedCastles stay on course with melodies, cadence and a feel-good vibe.

The album features young talents like Nuru, Terrianne Iraki, Kevin Grands and Decimal Records stablemates: Bon’eye, Khuhani, Konkodi and Brian Nadra – meaning the album is full of fresh and vibrant synergy that will stand the test of time.

The album artwork features Jack flanked by two beautiful women on either side all in traditional African wear and one lady is expectant.

Every track on the album is tailormade to narrate a story hence keeping the interest from track 1 to 11. Jack is making sure that the House movement stays afloat and alive.


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